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Prayerfully consider serving on the Coordinating Team for Mission Presbytery's PW. We have positions available. 
      You will become a member of the Presbyterian Women Coordinating Team (CT) for Mission Presbytery.  And let me add:  we do have fun!!
      If you, or perhaps someone you know would like to serve, please contact the Search Committee,  Carol Wise, 512 251-3061, email; or another member of our search committee.


The Austin Cluster leaders have started a newsletter. Click here for the latest edition.


God Bless Sandy Sturch. She has started her notes for the 2013-14 Bible Study. Look for a download that will be updated throughout the year in our "Links" section.




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History News:


Format for Presbyterian Women in the Congregation to use in reporting the history of their PW activities for the calendar year.

  • Church Name and address
  • Pastor's name(s)
  • Presbytery
  • Synod
  • Names of the PW officers and/or
  • Contact person for the PW and address
  • Number of women in the church
  • Number of circles
  • Average monthly attendance at circles
  • Life membership pins awarded
  • PW reading awards given
  • Highlights of the year

This format is to be returned to the Mission Presbytery PW Historian, Lis Wise .

A copy should be mailed to Archivist Special Collections, Columbia Theological Seminary, PO Box 520, Decatur, GA 30031.


The reports are due by January 31 but will be accepted anytime.

The local church PW historian should continue to create an annual history, with memories of the local PW, but the above information is what the archives want.


Information on the Emma Norris Seminarian Fund:
The Emma Norris Seminarian Fund was started in 1930 to assist ministerial students as they prepared themselves for Christian work.  Emmas Norris was the wife of a minister and a member of First Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas.  The fund was named  to honor her work in the local church as well as in the Presbytery.  The only qualifications are: That a student be in seminary and under the care of Mission Presbytery.  A monetary gift is usually given at Christmas and the gift varies as to funds available.  Many students have benefited over the years.


The following are the receipts for the Offerings at the 2012 Spring Gathering: 

Pan American School-  $5,833
Hunger Fund - $186



YAV, Dwell, San Antonio 

Young Adult Volunteer Program site. YAVs will live in community and serve in various community-based ministries in San Antonio, Texas. Funds raised to support programmatic expenses, as well as travel, visas, stipends, health insurance, student loan grants, and food allowance. Any funds raised beyond the needs of the individual volunteer or related site are used to support other volunteers and the general YAV program in San Antonio.