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Moderator's Minute


 Mission Link Spring 2014


As 2013 is nearly over, it is time to look back through this year and be reminded of all the blessings that have been bestowed on the women of Mission Presbytery and how you have helped to spread and share those blessings.

     This has been a full year of PW activities.  The responses from Mission Pledge requests began coming in during January.  Through your generosity and caring hearts, the support for the work of PW has again made it possible to go above and beyond previous years.

     As spring began, the excitement and expectation of the annual Spring Gathering at Mo-Ranch increased.  As always, Wimberley Presbyterian did a very good job of making the weekend a memorable one with interesting workshops and fun entertainment.  We all had a wonderful surprise to learn that our keynoter, Kathy Anderson from John Know Ranch, would be unable to serve because she had adopted a baby daughter.  God, working in the wings, brought us another wonderful, motivational speaker, Anne Beall.  The generous worship offering helped senior students at Pan American School in Kingsville meet their expenses and receive their high school diplomas.  The Hunger Boxes on the dining tables helped feed those who are hungry through the Presbyterian Hunger Program.

     During July a large number of you journeyed to Houston to attend the PW Synod Gathering held at Grace Presbyterian.  Mission Presbytery had the largest number of attendees of all Presbyteries.  It was wonderful to see so many of you women joining in fellowship, learning, and worship with other Sisters in Christ from throughout Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.  Many new friendships were made and old friendships renewed.  Thanks to our CT, we were able to keep everyone supplied with snacks.

     The fall soon arrived and the Fall Cluster Gatherings began.  Every cluster showcased the talents of their women.  The Horizon Bible Study overview was common thread woven through all of the Gatherings.  Each Gathering was unique in their themes, workshops, etc. and worship.  Many worthwhile organizations were recipients of the offerings given at each.  All were well attended and at least one CT representative was present for each.  Attending these Fall Gatherings will be one facet of being Moderator that I will truly miss.

     As this year comes to a close, we once again begin looking forward to the 2014 Spring Gathering at Mo-Ranch, March 28-30, 2014.  The registration information and the flyer for the Spring Gathering are included with this issue of Mission Links.  The opening day and cost for registration remain the same, but please note the NEW mailing address so your forms are received in a timely manner.  Share the information about the Spring Gathering and let’s see if we can have a record number of attendees this coming year.  Holy Trinity PC, San Antonio, is working hard on their plans to serve as our host church.  Many great workshops are planned with new and repeat (by request) subject matter.  Be sure to include a photo of yourself with the registration form or email one to Mary Ann Hester Zink to be included in the “yearbook” they are preparing for each of us.  In keeping with the theme “Make A New Friend”, this will help us stay connected to the new friends we make at the Gathering.

     Be proud of what you have done this year as each of you has worked as a Presbyterian Woman to renew and sustain God’s creation and to spreads the Good News of our awesome Savior.

     As we look forward through Advent with Hope, Peace, Joy and Celebration to remembering Christ’s birth, may each of you have a blessed and Merry CHRISTmas.  Until next year, I remain your Sister in Christ.

Patti Nance, Moderator