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Stories from the PW of Mission Presbytery


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What a great idea!!

Divine Redeemer shared with the San Antonio PW Cluster the making of the mats for the homeless. If your PW group or congregation would like to take this on view the video at for a demonstration. Check with your local shelter for donating your products. This great project combines mission and eco-justice.


San Gabriel Presbyterian Church in Georgetown works with Faith Ministries in McAllen/Reynosa and they purchase materials to build a house across the border each year.  It is a single room, cinder-block home for a family who has worked very hard to earn the home.  This year the group mentored Faith Fe Presbyterian Church in Lockhart. A total of 30 people went and it was a wonderful time.  The group bonded as new friends as well as with our brothers and sisters in Mexico .  They crossed the border each morning and worked very hard for four days.  In the heat and dirt they think they won’t survive but always do and it is totally worth it. This was San Gabriel 's 7th annual trip.  Our own Austin Cluster Leader, Jo Ann Long went for the first time. Despite discouragement from her family, Jo Ann was a trouper. She did great and worked every day and stayed healthy. We are so proud of her!!


In the weeks before Thanksgiving, Victoria Christian Assistance Ministry (also

known locally as VCAM) received a monetary gift that enabled them to buy turkeys for distribution to families receiving assistance from their outreach to the hungry.


Presbyterian Women of First Presbyterian Church, Victoria, launched a program

to supply the foodstuffs which could be given with the turkey to provide a nice

Thanksgiving dinner for those families qualifying for assistance.


We circulated the request through our circles and invited the congregation to

join us in bringing dressing mix, instant mashed potatoes, canned vegetables and fruits, cranberry sauce, and cake mix and icing. 


The total of the donations  received was 487 pounds of non-perishabe food and it was delivered to the VCAM office.  Knowing that a special dinner to the hungry was a true blessing for those who participated. (Submitted by Martha Tarkington)


The mission project that Bethany PW chose for 2007.  We supported a project called P.E.T. (personal energy transportation).  These volunteer groups build wooden wheelchairs/scooters for people in impoverished countries who have lost limbs to land mines/disease.  Because conditions in these countries may preclude mechanical wheelchairs because of lack of repair facilities/parts, these are very simple machines.  They pack the wheelchairs with used clothes and empty milk cartons for carrying water. With the help of the entire congregation, Bethany collected $630.  Each machine costs about $250 to build and send.

The Presbyterian Women of Junction Presbyterian Church have received an award from the Concho Valley Council of Government for their mission work for the local Head Start.   Irene Andrews is the PW mission chairman and oversaw helping with food, medical bills and refreshments for both a Christmas and after school party

This is your opportunity to have your story told. Please send your stories about the mission projects that your group is doing. Remember that we don't report any longer, but send your stories to or mail to Sharon Carson, 5610 Apple Creek, San Antonio, TX 78222 and I will post them to this page. Thank you all and God Bless each of your projects.