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My take on Churchwide Gathering

5 days, 8 worship services, Horizon's Bible Study workshops on Joshua and Revelation and meeting the authors,breakfasting together with the Recently Retired Women's Taskforce, enjoying meeting new  Presbyterian women from all over the USA at meals, attending the Best Synod of the Sun luncheon ever!, gabbing with old friends from our synod and presbytery, and meeting multitudes of people as I assisted in the Marketplace in the Great Room in the PalCraftaid booth, are just a few of my fabulous experience in Louisville. It was a wonderful experience.

 Judy Harris

The Churchwide gave me a more inclusive perspective of what it means to be in PW--2500 women in one place is an awesome sight, and the participation around this world in working towards the purpose of PW came to life.


“God will do wondrous things among us”.  Well, He really did.  It was a wonderful five (5) days filled with beautiful music, wonderful speakers, worship, informative workshops and renewing friendships.  It was very special for the Synod of the Sun Coordinating Team as the Moderator of General Assembly led the team in worship and communion and installed the officers.  He only spoke to the entire gathering for less than five (5) minutes in one plenary session.

I was able to attend several workshops dealing with Justice and Peace and gathering information that I will be sharing during the next several months.  I learned that Justice and Peace and Mission go hand in hand.  Justice and Peace identifies the problem and Mission finds way to help solve them.  This is true not only on the international level but in our own backyards. 

Hope to see you at the fall gatherings and share further with you in person.

                                                                                God bless,  Patti Nance

The Churchwide Gathering was outstanding.  My first at being a voting delegate.

Everyone should have this opportunity.  I missed most of the workshops but heard wonderful remarks about them from people who did attend them.  The Galt House was a nice place to stay and the Synod Luncheon held there was excellent.  Speakers at plenary were wonderful.  I missed the last day but the other days were exceptionable